Training program

Writer-lecturer Ankit Desai led the teacher training program

November 15: Renowned writer and speaker Ankit Desai led a teacher training program at the renowned Amity International School, Bharuch on November 7, 2022, where he interacted with teachers on the topic of “The Professionalism of Educators”. The entire training session was based on the Mahabharata ‘Shantiparva’ in which Ankit Desai spoke about time management, skill development and energy management as well as mental and physical health among hundreds of teachers.

During this training session at Amity School, Ankit Desai first clarified that this is not a training program but a sharing program because we are talking about Mahabharata here. During his training session, he also made it clear that a teacher’s responsibility is to shape society. At times like these, it is more important for a teacher to be emotional than professional. Because its professionalism can only benefit itself, but if it is sensitive, it can benefit the whole society and the nation.

During this teacher training session, Ankit Desai expanded on the advice Bhishma gave Yudhishthira to be the best leader with today’s case studies. Along with this, he explained what skills a person should have to become a good teacher or a good leader.

Case studies were also presented on the importance of gestures, facial expressions or communication skills for the teacher. Desai conducted the entire training session in two parts, the first part focusing on how to accept circumstances and challenges, and the second on striving to cope with the challenges that come your way.

About his training session, he said, “It’s very exciting for me to go among people who shape society and train them. Education is a field that requires a lot of sensitivity and preparation, at a time when Amity School is doing such experiments to sharpen the sensitivity of those involved in education, it is a commendable task.

It is worth mentioning that Ankit Desai’s training program called “Leadership-Parva” is very popular among students, companies and professionals. In his training program, he focuses on emotional and energy management, communication skills and personality grooming.