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World of Dog Training Opens New Training Center in Northwest Arkansas

There is exciting news for expert and effective dog training in Northwest Arkansas.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA, Oct. 31, 2022 / — Effective dog training is a unique win-win, not just for dogs and dog owners in Northwest Arkansas, but also for the community in northwest Arkansas.

The good news is that the acclaimed and respected World of Dog Training, the innovative, heart-focused, results-driven company, has opened a new World of Dog Training Center in Northwest Arkansas.

“That’s exciting news!” said Ryan Matthews, celebrity dog ​​trainer and combat veteran, founder, CEO and spokesperson for World Of Dog Training. Matthews has successfully trained over 3,000 pet dogs, written two dog training books, and given two TEDx talks on dogs, Overcoming PTSD Using Dog Training Techniques and Treating Us More Like dogs.

“Knowing how and when to apply different and effective dog training techniques to modify your dog’s behavior is not a simple decision, nor is it easy to learn or teach,” said the former combat dog handler of K-9 elite and Wounded Warrior Project alumnus. “It takes a lot of experience to make barking dogs calm and friendly, especially in high-profile environments.

“Dogs have a lot to teach us about life balance, connection, relationships, joy, survival, and the importance of loyalty.”

The exciting good news? The dynamic World of Dog Training (WODT) concept is now offered in Northwest Arkansas.

Jordan Loeschke, owner of the NW Arkansas facility, has a deep passion for dogs and is inspired by a recent study that showed people who work with dogs are among the top thirteenth percentile of happy and fulfilled workers.

“The sky is the limit for opportunities in this community!” Loeschke, a native of northwest Arkansas, says proudly. “We have seen so much growth. But more growth means more people and more dogs, which equals more responsibility. We are very detailed in the training, all done according to the WODT concept. We explain the instructions to the owners to continue the training. Making your good dog great and the happiness of the family are my top priorities.

Ryan Mathews is excited to expand the World of Dog Training brand and bring the concept to Northwest Arkansas. “I have enjoyed watching Jordan grow as a trainer and business owner. His passion for dogs is second to none and it would be hard to find anyone who puts in more effort than him. The Northwest Community from Arkansas is fortunate to have Jordan as a resource to help people better understand dogs and give dogs the freedom to be off leash, happy and obedient.”

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World Of Dog Training is a heart-centered, results-driven company that makes sure you and your dog go off leash-free! We want to see you wagging your tail with enthusiasm, confident in your ability to understand your pup so you can communicate effectively and have the most fun. No more chasing Fido out of the house after he pees on the carpet…again! It’s time to teach your “good boy” how to be BIG, something we’ve mastered at WODT – and something you can master too!

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