Who could have a blast at training camp?

I’m confused. Everyone’s predicting we’ll see Jones at some point starting this season. Having said that, doesn’t that mean Cam has failed again and it’s another bad season in New England? If that’s the case and we basically know Cam can’t, let’s just switch from Cam and let Jones learn the next few seasons with the live action. We have a solid O line so he shouldn’t be hit too hard. Again, if we think Cam will fail, we probably should have avoided spending so much money on average players in the last offseason and kept everything for future stallions once Jones gets that first season or two. to his credit. Personally, I trust Cam, but that’s just me. What is your opinion on these few issues that I have mentioned here?Ron scarlata

I asked myself the same question, and the question I keep coming back to is what makes a successful season with Newton under center? What is the height of this bar? Because if you’re going to miss the playoffs, I don’t think it makes sense to do so without having experience for the quarterback you selected in the first round. But you also don’t want to want to have Mac Jones killed and while the online line is good as you pointed out, it’s as much about the rookie being able to make protection calls and understanding this. What does the defense do is the physical skill and experience of its blockers.

In my opinion, there are two easy places to consider to switch to Mac. The first is after the Bucs game. The Patriots have three games to win before this difficult challenge that will be overkill beyond belief. If this is a slow and uninspiring first quarter of the season that looks too much like 2020, that could be a point for change. Or, if Newton is showing early promises, it might make sense to revisit a move after the Week 15 exemption after a huge divisional game against the Bills. At this point the fate of the 2021 Patriots could be determined and if that’s not what everyone was hoping for, this is a good place to make the switch and give the rookie the last four games to pick up some money. experience.

Ultimately, Mac is a first-round pick and he’s going to play at some point unless Newton has a major resurgence, but it’ll be a fine line as to when it’s time to take a look at the. recruit. –Mike Dussault

Hello! One thing that has haunted me lately while looking at the Patriots roster, and it’s not the always intriguing QB or WR situation the team is currently facing. On the other side of the ball, I see too many defensive backs to start. With Adrian Phillips playing a hybrid linebacker position most of last year, will he come back safe to replace Chung? Or will it be Dugger in second year? At CB, I see Gilmore (his location remains to be seen), rising star JC Jackson and new Patriot Jalen Mills. Will the likes of Jonathan Jones get lost in the crowd here? How do you think the Patriots high school will shape up as the season approaches?Justin roberts

I think it’s important to note that the team considers all of their cornerbacks and safeties as one defensive group, and they love to face teams, so you can’t put them in an easy box of starters and substitutes. Let’s start with Dugger because I think he has the potential to be better than Chung and I see him as having perfectly balanced safety potential which would be a huge advantage for the defense. I think he’ll end up replacing McCourty at the back, but we’ll see how his in-depth coverage unfolds this year.

Phillips looks like he’ll be playing the role of Chung more, which is really a linebacker role. After that trio of “safeties” and the two true outer corners of Gilmore and Jackson, there are just a lot of pieces to move, starting with Jones and Mills, which should be big factors. Then you wonder how Williams, Bryant, Colbert and Bledsoe could adapt. As I mentioned earlier, my only real concern in high school is whether they need a real third outside corner, a role Jason McCourty has competently performed for the past three years. He’s been pushed into action a lot, and if Jackson or Gilmore aren’t available, their new depth will be tested. -Mike Dussault

If Mac Jones were to land the incumbent job at the camp, do you think he’ll need to make significant progress in week one to have a chance to do so? -Tom Shaw-Mellors

It’s hard to put that kind of demand on things the first week, especially when, the first few days, they’re not even in the towels yet. I think the key word for this quarterback competition is consistency. All four QBs had good times in the minicamp, but each also had their weak moments. If one is able to show up day in and day out at training camp and make consistent decisions and throws, it will be hard to ignore. It’s especially difficult for Mac to face such a veteran defense every day. This will help all QBs prepare, but it will also be a real challenge for the rookie in particular. -Mike Dussault

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