Training program

What we learned from the Detroit Lions 2022 off-season training program

Open for business: Holmes has often said since joining the Lions in 2021 that he wants to be aggressive.

He proved it in this year’s draft. The Lions took a break when the Jaguars drafted Travon Walker first overall. That left Hutchinson on the board for the Lions to take him with the second overall pick.

Holmes didn’t spend the rest of the night partying. He had previously signed free agent DJ Chark to add a speed receiver with a Pro Bowl on his resume on offense.

There was a big prize there, and Holmes went after it — trading with NFC rival North Minnesota for the 12th pick in the draft. Holmes used it to recruit wide receiver Jameson Williams from Alabama.

Williams is recovering from a knee injury that will not heal in time for the start of training camp in late July. When he returns, he’ll add another speed receiver to an attack with explosive potential.

The play-action game will be even better.

Huchinson: Nothing happened during offseason practices for the Lions to reconsider their draft day sentiment when they selected Hutchinson.

“Everything we thought we’d get is showing up,” defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn said. “Not just in training, but also in the boardroom. What else shows up are the little things.”

The big things are showing up too, which is no surprise considering Hutchinson is a 6-foot-7 passing thrower.

“He’s got incredible speed,” Glenn said. “He has the ability to spin, spin and work his hands. It’s exceptional. He always works. It was the attitude he had in Michigan that made him successful.

“There is no doubt that he will be a very, very good player for us.”