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Wallys World of Dogs: Long Island Dog Training provides top-notch dog obedience training for dogs of all breeds and ages on Long Island

Wallys World of Dogs Comprehensive Dog Training Programs: Long Island Dog Training

Medford, New York – Wallys World of Dogs: Long Island Dog Training is an accomplished dog training center operating in and around Medford, NY. Its trainers value and seek to foster the close bond between clients and their canine companions through proven training programs designed to consistently deliver positive results. With over twenty years of dog training experience, the company’s trainers have brought together the skills and experience to successfully train dogs of all breeds and ages with guaranteed positive impact. Their goal is not to seek short-term solutions, but rather to achieve long-term character changes by providing training programs that clients can easily reinforce at home.

Wallys World of Dogs: The Humane Treatment of Dogs by Long Island Dog Training

To maximize the impact of their training programs, trainers from Wallys World of Dogs: Dog Training on Long Island employ a balanced approach of positive and negative reinforcement in each case. They treat each dog humanely as if it were their own, which has proven to be very effective over the years in promoting the responsiveness of any dog ​​to simple commands.

Wallys World of Dogs: Long Island Dog Training trainers take the time to listen and understand their clients’ concerns before beginning any training. This way, they know how to best solve their problems. “The best dog trainer on Long Island!” We went through 3 trainers before we finally found Waleed. I understood our problem and helped us resolve some issues with our Golden. Very patient and knowledgeable. Now I’m happy, ”said a former client.

Individualized training programs

Rather than using generalized training programs, the Long Island dog training experts believe in the development of individualized programs designed to solve the specific problems of each dog, hence their high success rate. Upon arrival, they pair each dog with a personal trainer who evaluates them before developing a unique training plan based on their expert assessment and taking into account the specific concerns of the dog owner. Lessons vary in length and intensity depending on the obedience level of each dog at the time of entry and the desired outcome.

Unlike other dog training companies, Wallys World of Dogs: Long Island Dog Training prides itself on the impact of its programs, which is why they always schedule reassessment sessions after a few weeks of training. This helps them assess the impact of the training and make the necessary adjustments to optimize it. For the best results, experts recommend their Wallys World of Dogs: Long Island Puppy Training Class because dogs tend to respond better to training at an early age. Other programs available at the facility include Basic Dog Training, Comprehensive Dog Training, and Advanced Dog Training. Clients can opt for in-house or board and training for each program, depending on their schedules or preferences.

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Call (631) 729 1664 or visit the Wallys World of Dogs: Long Island Dog Training website for more information on their training programs.

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