Virtual program

Upcoming virtual program to provide insight into the Berks County ARP process

Berks County Commissioners will host an information session on Berks County’s approach and process for utilizing county U.S. bailout funds during a virtual “County Connection LIVE” program on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 12. The live program will be streamed via Microsoft Teams and streamed live on the Berks County Facebook page, YouTube channel and BCTV.

Berks County is currently accepting applications for grants made possible through ARP funds. Commissioners approved $18 million in grants for eligible projects in 2022, followed by $12 million in 2023. 2022 grant applications can be found at and will be accepted until March 31. The program will provide an overview of the county’s approach to using these funds and help guide potential grant applicants through the application process. The program will also answer frequently asked questions and explain the planned schedule for the next few months.

The county encourages potential applicants to join the program to learn more about the process and ask questions. The county is committed to following the same fair and unbiased process for all applications, so commissioners are not meeting with potential applicants about their specific projects at this time. All questions and inquiries related to the county’s distribution of ARP funds should be directed to Grants Coordinator Karra Mayo at [email protected] or 610-478-6136 ext. 6129.

Please see the program agenda for March 9, 2022 below:

Welcome – Curator Christian Leinbach

Comments – Curator Kevin Barnhardt

Comments – Commissioner Michael Rivera

Presentation of the Panel – Commissioner Leinbach

  • Karra Mayo – Grants Coordinator, Berks County
  • Pamela Shupp Menet – Assistant General Manager/Director of Economic Development, Berks County

The Panel will address the following topics:

  1. What is the American Rescue Plan Act and how much will Berks County get?
  2. What is the county’s plan for using these funds?
  3. The county launched a grant program in February. How does this program work? What types of projects are eligible for grants?
  4. Where can I find information about the grant program?
  5. How will the community be able to track disbursements of these funds?
  6. When will grant seekers find out if they are receiving a grant? What is the schedule for the foreseeable future?
  7. Questions and answers – Hosted by Commissioner Leinbach