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This often happens: the company has no money for public relations purposes. As a result, the company’s recognition does not increase, new customers do not come, and the money does not increase.

Breaking out of this vicious circle is difficult, but it is possible: the non-budgetary promotion methods of your services will help you, and it does not matter if you have a small betting platform aiming to reach 22Bet levels or a new market ready to go. become the next Amazon.


Networking is professional interaction with people: a conversation with a stranger, a conversation with colleagues during a break, a short dialogue during the conference. All of these contacts, if used competently, can be used for public relations purposes.

For example, go to specialized conferences and establish contacts with the key players in the market. The more often you appear, the greater your recognition will be. And as your visibility increases, you’ll be asked for help more often.


If you do your job well, customers will be happy to recommend you. Take advantage: ask them to leave comments.

For example, every time a customer leaves happy, ask them to write a comment about your work on social media. Maybe he’ll also agree to write something about review services.

Content Marketing

If you are an expert in your field, share your expertise. This way people will be able to notice you and ask for help if they need it. It could be anything: your blog, comments in a local group, or posts on your wall.

For example, a resident of the neighborhood where the vet lives has a sick dog and asks for help in the local Facebook group. The vet can give an expert opinion and suggest something. That way people can notice it, and the next time someone has a sick dog again, the vet will get a client.

Working with the media

Not all businesses need media, but if you have a story to tell, use it. You can provide comments or write full articles. Above all, do not hesitate to make yourself known and to offer your services.

Micro opinion leaders

Entrepreneurs can request public relations from small bloggers with an audience of 5-10,000 people. They will ask for money for the promotion, but it is possible to accept barter.

For example, a pizza delivery service might ask a local micro thought leader to praise pizza in a neighborhood group.

Keep track of what’s going on

Where to start a day as a public relations specialist? It should start by looking at the current news and information agenda. After all, this is largely what determines how you plan your day or week. For example, if a press conference with the president or other important person of media interest is scheduled for Tuesday, there is no need to send out a press release that day. There is a good chance that this will not be noticed in the general news area.


Unfortunately, many public relations people, due to their advanced communication skills, forget to “inflate” administrative tasks. Hence the constant precipitation, oblivion, thousands of projects launched and endless series of meetings.

Thus, it is always important to keep in mind that a PR manager is not only PR but also the management of his resources (time, efforts) and of the project.


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