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The Inner Pup (TIP) Launches Dog Training Voucher Program

NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Taaka’s dog training vouchers are available for pet owners who want to build better relationships with their dogs and puppies, with affordable group training classes. Pet owners in New Orleans and the Greater New Orleans area are eligible for this program as long as they can provide standard proof of low income (including food stamps, Medicaid, or a stub payroll).

Taaka’s Dog Training Grant Program aims to help low-income dog owners train their dogs and puppies to build stronger, healthier relationships between people and their pets and help maintain strong bonds between people and pets. Pet owners can complete an online application and tell us more about the dog they want help with. Depending on the behavioral needs of the dog and owner, The Inner Pup will match pets and their owners with the best local trainer for them. Most of the training courses will take place on Saturday mornings at the city park, for a 6 week course.

Andrea is a client who initially reached out because of her dog’s frustrating leash skills. If a dog has trouble walking on a leash, dogs sometimes don’t get walked. Andrea attended just two sessions with an Inner Pup trainer and said this: “He always shoots if he must potty really badly, but he hasn’t been shooting and jumping on people for a few weeks (except me!)”. Andrea’s video on Atlas’ new walking habits can be found HERE.

More details

6-week basic, puppy and intermediate group lessons offered

Classes are held Saturday mornings at City Park with rolling admission.

The owner pays $12.50 or 10% of the total course cost and The Inner Pup covers the rest.

Pre-registration and proof of low income are required.

More information and application on the program can be found on our website LINK.

Direct line to the program director: [email protected]

About the Inner Pup (TIP)

A 501c3 non-profit organization. The mission of The Inner Pup is to prevent suffering and save the lives of companion animals by eradicating heartworm disease, providing low-cost veterinary services, and teaching responsible pet ownership.

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