Virtual program

The GCS virtual program is open for registration

Parents and guardians can enroll their students in the Greenville County Schools Virtual Full-Time Program now for the 2021-22 school year through Tuesday, Feb. 9, the school district announced Jan. 21.

Those interested in enrolling their students in the program must be registered with GCS and parents must have a BackPack account.

The school district will staff the virtual program based on the interest shown in this first open window. A waiting list will be opened in April. GCS officials note that this is based on the decline of the pandemic. If the COVID-19 numbers haven’t improved, the school district will open more windows for families to enroll.

Once a student is enrolled, families will be contacted by a school counselor to help select the student’s courses.

In an email, school district spokesman Tim Waller said there have been some changes to the virtual curriculum for the 2021-22 school year.

“First of all, there will be more emphasis on participation in live sessions. Students will be required to participate in live sessions at scheduled times. Exceptions based on extenuating circumstances must be approved in advance by the virtual administrator,” Waller said.

Additionally, parents and guardians wishing to switch to the brick-and-mortar program will be able to request the switch – although, Waller said, families are encouraged to do so at the end of a nine-week marking period. . Finally, students in the GCS virtual program will not be scheduled by school, but by their grade levels and academic results.

Virtual program exclusions include specialty programs like the Charles Townes Center or Language Immersion, according to Waller.