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STEPHENS CITY – In 2015, Lance and Connie Moss decided to do their part to help dogs and their owners.

The couple opened the Strategic Paws training center just outside Stephens City. The facility allows people to bring their canine friends for training or stay in their kennels when their owners leave town.

“We are a positive training center,” said Connie. “Everything is positive and reinforcement training. We do not use choke chains or shock collars. Our goal is to strike a balance between dog and owner and find a common goal to work towards.

Strategic Paws offers different types of training including agility, teamwork, and competition style obedience training.

“It’s all geared towards transferring or moving companion dogs into the sport, not just the expensive sport dogs,” Connie said. “We love everyone and we want everyone to participate and do something with their dog.”

Connie Moss, who takes care of the dog training aspect of the establishment, said her passion for animals led her to train dogs.

“It started with training horses and then I moved on to dogs,” she said. “I love working with dogs and I really love working with people. Watching dogs and people bond with me, that’s all it’s about.

She said their four-week classes cost $ 120. She also said that Strategic Paws offers the “TEAM Club,” which is more focused on obedience and other behaviors.

“It’s a good thing for all dogs who want to get into any type of sport,” she said.

There is a training promotion in the facility for newly adopted shelter dogs.

“Owners will need to show that they adopted the dog within the past 60 days,” said Connie Moss. “If they can prove it, they can get a 20% discount on one of our beginner’s classes, which only covers basic manners and some fun sporting behaviors. “

Strategic Paws can house five dogs at a time in its kennel, but Lance Moss said it was intentional.

“We’re a very small ’boutique’ kennel where the dogs get a little more attention,” he said. “We try to keep the atmosphere very calm and peaceful. There aren’t many dogs here on purpose just because it would change the atmosphere of the place.

The kennel offers raised dog beds, aromatherapy and quiet music. Lance Moss said the Strategic Paws kennel is a little different from most dog kennels.

“We did not use chain mail fencing for the kennel,” he said. “We have strong walls and a lot of ventilation. This allows dogs to be comfortable without being intimidated, intimidated or aroused by their neighbors.

When the dogs are not in their living space, they are outside for some fresh air and exercise on the facility’s 2 acre grounds.

“We place great importance on getting the dogs out and exercising as much as we can,” he said. “We think it helps them calm down. “

Lance Moss said the facility charges $ 45 per night for boarding. He encourages people who house their dogs to bring their dog’s food and other things that could make the dogs feel at home.

For more information on Strategic Paws training, visit http://www.strategicpawstraining.com.


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