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Sheffield Dog Training: Here Are The 11 Best Places To Train Your Puppy According To Google Reviews


There are many dog ​​training centers in and around Sheffield to make this a bit easier for you, many of them receiving rave reviews from happy customers.

And there are 13 in particular that have earned Google users five stars for their commitment to helping mutts across town.

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These are 11 of the best dog trainers in and around Sheffield according to Google Reviews. Photo by Dan Kitwood / Getty Images.

Training dogs for dogs of all ages and abilities at this center, which was founded in 2015. A statement on its website reads: “Our goal is to help build lasting relationships between you and your dog in a safe classroom environment. We encourage owners to use effective methods of positive reinforcement and free training. We have several classrooms across Sheffield.

There are a number of experienced dog trainers working for the company.

One review says, “Absolutely fantastic! Our dog really enjoyed each of his puppy lessons, and so did we. “The classes covered a wide range of topics including manners, safety, grooming and enrichment, all of which were very helpful. The tutors were able to form groups. lessons are like 1: 1 support, with advice tailored to each dog. “I can’t wait to enroll our puppy in the junior course in a few months.”

Training for puppies and older dogs is available here. Owner Katie Patmore has been training dogs for over 30 years. A statement on the website reads: “I aim to provide the highest quality assistance and education to dog owners, in order to improve the training and behavior of their dogs, so that dogs and their dogs owners can live happily together. “

Katie, who appeared on Channel 4’s “Puppy School” show, is a full member of the Association of Pet Behavior Counselors ( and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers ( She also obtained a Masters in Anthropozoology from the University of Exeter.

Contact her by calling 0114 2962271 or by clicking here.

Best Behavior K9 offers ‘courses, one-on-one counseling and personalized programs designed to meet all kinds of behavioral and training needs in Barnsley, Sheffield, Doncaster and across Yorkshire’.

Behaviorist and Head Trainer Neil Losada has been working and training dogs professionally for over 20 years. During this time, he trained security dog ​​teams, assistance dogs and their handlers, as well as thousands of companion dogs and their owners.

One reviewer says: “Excellent dog school, progressing in the puppy class and already reserved for the assistant dog class.” Really clean and big training room and the coaches are on site. Their training methods are up to date and put the well-being and happiness of dogs at the forefront of everything they teach.

South Yorkshire Canine Solutions

Owner Tracy Tomlin said, “My goal is to help owners get the most out of their pets in a fun and relaxed training environment. “

She offers a variety of walking and training services to meet the needs of each dog, as well as a day board.

One review says, “Tracey is so natural with dogs and their owners! Her calm and knowledgeable approach meant that Nellie and I learned a lot from her puppy lessons. I would highly recommend his services. ”

Contact us by calling 07940312122 or by clicking here.

Jon has been training dogs for many years and has received rave reviews throughout this time.

One person wrote: “Jon has been great in educating our puppy. I’m so proud of the way she’s behaving now and can’t believe the progress we’ve made with Jon’s help. He is so friendly and helpful he has been an absolute lifesaver for us as new puppy owners with a lot of questions and concerns not sure how we would have done without him.

To contact us call 07388 119263 – the website is currently under construction.

There is currently very little online for this business, but it has five stars on Google and a good reputation with over 10 years of experience. Call 07985 131222 to find out more.

The website reads: “We offer personalized dog training consultations and courses in person or online and dog training courses for you and your dog or puppy. We can come to you and accompany you to your home or outside. We have availability during the day, in the evening and on certain weekends.

They have a number of top trainers and offer a range of different services for you and your puppy.

One reviewer says, “Kirsty provided great service. I feel a lot more confident walking with my Dexie on a leash. We now have some peace in the house as Dexie is no longer chasing cats. Thanks Kirsty.

Call 07837 072697 or click on here for more.

Taught by qualified and accredited teachers, this company says their approach to training is to “teach and educate you rather than training you so that you can become the master of your dog.”

He adds, “We use a fun, choice-based approach using positive reinforcement, clicker training techniques and games. “

There are classes for older puppies and hunting dogs.

One review said, “Excellent tuition and feedback on progress. Easy to follow program and positive rewards. Fern and I are progressing thanks to Lindsay. Thanks Liz & Fern.

An independent dog training company, with an APDTI qualified dog trainer offering individual sessions and group lessons.

One reviewer said, “Chris came to my house when I needed advice on how to train my cavapoo puppy badly. His caring presence and wonderful advice was just what I needed. After two weeks of following the advice. Chris’ training session, my puppy’s behavior has improved and I feel much more relaxed. Thanks Chris! ”

The company says: “At Dogs Club Sheffield, we pride ourselves on providing the best opportunities for your dogs. We believe that all dogs should be given the opportunity to walk, sniff and play alongside other dogs or with a human companion in a safe environment to give them time to be ‘dogs’ and to develop experiences. positive when traveling. “

It offers a number of walking and training courses.

One reviewer says, “Susy has a lot of knowledge and really cares about the dogs she takes care of. She gives dogs a fun walk with training along the way. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a dog walker. ”

Call 07399 374092 or click on here for more.

A statement on its website reads: “Here at Puppy Steps, we understand the importance of having an obedient, well-behaved and happy dog.

“We offer a range of services from one-on-one puppy training to finding and training a puppy that is ready for its new family. “

One review says: “Absolutely amazing !!! Andy and Lucy made it so easy. They helped us find our perfect puppy and started training.