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Senator King tours NMCC and Tours Workforce Training Program


Senator Angus King was in Près Isle this morning to tour the Northern Maine Community College Workforce Training Program. Brian Bouchard of NewsSource8 has the story.

“Honestly, I’ve missed Aroostook County due to the pandemic, so it’s nice to wake up here in person. Just to see how things are going, what’s going on, what’s the job, what’s the challenges.

Senator King visited Northern Maine Community College on Tuesday morning to learn more about the college’s workforce training program.

“They’re right in the middle of training the workforce, which is one of our huge needs in Maine, and they’re doing a great job with very relevant training.”

NMCC President Tim Crowley said the focus on workforce training programs and the congressional funding that makes them possible ultimately benefits Aroostook County by providing skills in areas such as forestry, health and wind energy.

“We were interested in showing him what we are doing with the request for direct congressional spending that we received, this lab was built on what was called an assignment several years ago, and we are happy to see that the direct congressional spending process is in place because we are going to benefit from it, and the communities are going to benefit from it.

After Senator King was briefed on NMCC’s use of Congressional funding to further enhance its workforce training program, he said it was good that the money was being used to further develop the workforce of Aroostook County and the State of Maine.

“So it all fits together, and seeing a project that has been funded, that has made a difference in a community, is what makes my work so worth doing. I’m curious by nature and love to learn and I’ve never been to the county and haven’t learned something and the last piece is it’s nice to see where our money is going”

Senator King will visit several locations around Aroostook County over the next few days as he checks in on other congressionally funded projects.

Brian Bouchard, NewsSource8