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SC McMaster Proposes Expansion of Professional Training Program


Governor Henry McMaster on Wednesday called on South Carolina lawmakers to spend $ 124 million in federal COVID-19 assistance to send up to 15,000 people to technical college for vocational training or diploma programs. associate.

The money, from the American Rescue Plan Act signed by President Joe Biden earlier this year, would cover the cost of scholarships for any adult or recent high school graduate in the state and comes as employers struggle to find workers to fill high-demand jobs.

“We know we have a lot of jobs and… employees are scarce. So we’re going to fill these jobs with people who want to go to work. Due to the disruption, many people did not return to work. Where are they? They’re still there, ”McMaster told Duncan at AFL Global, who manufactures fiber optic cables.

“We’re going to put them back to work in high paying jobs that are determined by the demand felt by manufacturers (and) by employers.”

The proposal matches the $ 12 million McMaster spent on discretionary education dollars that was part of federal COVID aid legislation signed by former President Donald Trump.

Beyond his request for legislative spending, McMaster plans to spend an additional $ 17 million on his governor’s education emergency relief pot for vocational training. By the end of the year, about 5,000 people are expected to have completed recycling programs in the state.

The scholarships will be used for associate’s degrees and accreditation programs for high-demand jobs, such as manufacturing, healthcare, IT, information technology, trucking and construction. McMaster also wants to require people in the program to work, volunteer, or take a financial literacy class at a technical college as part of the skills training program.

“This is a program that does not cost participants anything. It’s not means-based and it’s not a cost, ”said McMaster.

In addition to the $ 124 million in federal COVID-19 money recommended for the skills training program, McMaster has already recommended $ 453 million in COVID-10 relief allowances for highway construction projects.

The governor’s proposal includes the widening of Interstate 26, between Columbia and Charleston, and the construction of Interstate 73 to Myrtle Beach. He also called on lawmakers to spend $ 500 million on rural water and sanitation projects.

The state ultimately has about $ 2.5 billion in federal COVID-19 dollars to allocate. The General Assembly is expected to tackle these expenses next year after they return to Colombia in January.

McMaster told reporters on Wednesday his office is still considering the recommendations his committee, AccelerateSC, came up with last year.

“We are cautious,” McMaster said. “We are moving cautiously as we have been doing all along.”

This story was originally published November 3, 2021 4:39 pm.

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