Virtual program

SBA Introduces New Virtual Program to Strengthen Small Business

“Small businesses are at the heart of the Biden-Harris administration’s economic agenda because we know they fuel our country’s historic economic growth and job creation,” said Isabella Casillas Guzmán, U.S. Small Business Administrator. companies, during the presentation of a new virtual SBA program that allows small businesses to have access to the resources and networks of the administration in the current historic period of economic recovery.

The SBA, in association with the Public Private Strategies Institute (PPSI), launched Building a Better America: A Small Business Resource Community (also known as the BBA Resource Community) through which it seeks to connect the 32.5 million small businesses included in their files with the help offered by Washington.

Spearheading the Biden administration’s commitment to increasing competition, rebuilding supply chains and investing in American ingenuity, “the BBA resource community will be an important tool to help bolster efforts more large organizations of the Small Business Administration to ensure that entrepreneurs in rural and urban communities across America have the resources they need to capitalize on this historic moment for the economic development of generations to come.

The initiative will provide small entrepreneurs with a series of free training sessions that will enable them to access information and take advantage of the new opportunities offered by the Infrastructure Investment and Employment Act (Bipartisan infrastructure).

Additionally, through the BBA Resource Community, various small business leaders and economic development representatives will host information sessions that will allow owners to expand their business networks and connect with stakeholders. .

The statement also highlights the words of Rhett Buttle, President of PPSI:

The small business landscape has been transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our rapidly changing economy and small business owners need the latest information and resources to continue to grow, innovate and thrive.

“As the single, go-to resource and voice for small businesses backed by the strength of the federal government, the SBA gives entrepreneurs and small business owners the resources and support they need to start, grow, expand their business or recover from a declared disaster,” reads the administration’s website.

“PPSI engages in educational activities regarding the roles of the public and private sectors in advancing societal change. PPSI explores best practices and trends through research, publications and educational events,” reads its profile.