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Review of 6 Pawsome Dog Training Apps

Some dogs are natural guardians and some are playful. Some detect contraband for law enforcement while others act as guides for the blind or provide aid to those suffering from PTSD. Dogs can be so many things to people that it’s no wonder they’re some of the most domesticated animals in the world.

Yet, before a dog can truly be his best, he must be trained. For all their awesomeness, dogs have habits that are closer to being wild than domestic. They are capable of running away, jumping and biting people, pinching their hands for treats, tearing things up and other misbehavior designs. There are many ways to train dogs and apps have become a great tool for this purpose. In fact, there are plenty of apps out there whose sole purpose is to provide dog owners with training strategies and options, both free and paid.

1. Puppr Dog Training App

The personality involved in this app is Sara Carson from thesupercollies website. She shares her vast knowledge of dog training using the other features of the apps. While her words instruct, they are reinforced with photo instructions that show how to do the things she advocates.

While training a dog isn’t as easy as reviewing a runbook, Puppr provides clarity when it comes to important training elements, separating the 50 commands it teaches into two categories: simple controls and advanced maneuvers. It also has a built-in clicker.

2. iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker App

This app specializes in creating those sounds that dogs react to. This is great for helping to reinforce good behavior and prevent bad behavior as sounds can serve as cues. If you have mini schnauzers, for example, who lose all rationality when they hear a squirrel or chipmunk, you can use access to those sounds to alter their behavior. When it comes to reminding your dog when he is distracted, you can use the dog whistle feature instead of your voice as it communicates a loud and effective sound that he will respond to.

3. Mastiff

This app uses a sort of pre-test to tailor the instructions to your dog’s specific needs. It is a social purpose application, which allows you to access a community of like-minded dog parents to share your experiences and get advice. Apart from coming with clicker sound capability, you can ask questions and get clarification from the trainers as they give feedback within 12 hours.

4. Pupford Dog Training App

This application offers you a 30-day free trial. Dog trainer extraordinaire Zak George guides users through a training course that includes daily tips and question-and-answer sessions. This app offers positive reinforcement techniques proven to help dogs learn to behave.

5. Puppy to date

This app serves as a planner of sorts for your dogs needs. You can set alarms to remind you of bathroom breaks and medication administration, as well as for training purposes. It also provides users with a logistical scheme that makes it easier to train and care for their dogs.

6. Goodpup

This app connects you with a professional trainer at your leisure. There are scheduled training sessions and you can access your trainer with follow-up questions. Reviews of this app reveal that users really appreciated the ability to work with coaches when their personal schedules permitted.


Dog training doesn’t have to be the hardest thing you’ve ever attempted, and with the help of some of the coolest dog training apps on the market today, you’ll have the best-behaved dog. neighborhood.