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Relaxed quarantine of wallabies: if one of them is positive, training is interrupted


Quarantine rules for Wallabies players and staff before two matches here have been relaxed, but the sports minister said there will be no training until everyone has tested negative .

Quarantine rules have been relaxed, allowing the Wallabies to train together when they arrive in New Zealand.
Photo: Athletic

Trans-Tasman rugby bosses have agreed to terms for hosting two Bledisloe Cup games here next month.

The All Blacks will host the Wallabies in Wellington on October 11 and then in Auckland a week later, both are Sunday afternoon games.

The schedule was only ratified after the New Zealand government relaxed quarantine rules for Australian players and staff.

Sports Minister Grant Robertson said Morning report the Wallabies will be in quarantine at an existing isolation facility, likely in Christchurch.

The team will still go through the 14-day isolation period like everyone else does, he said.

“The arrangement is that they will be able to go to a dedicated training center, it will only be used by them, there will be similar safety and health and safety arrangements there and for transportation. “

There will be no training until day three, when all team members pass a test, he said.

“If everyone tests negative then the whole team can practice.”

More tests will be done, says Robertson, and if someone tests positive, “that’s it for the whole team.”

“This is the risk that the teams involved have to take.”


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