Virtual program

Registration for the virtual program reopens for GCS students

Greenville County Schools will open its second registration window for the Virtual program 2021-22 from Thursday April 1 to Friday April 23.

To enroll in the program, students must be enrolled in GCS and parents or guardians must have a BackPack account.

Students already registered in the virtual program but who wish to return to the traditional school must notify their school before April 23.

The registration schedule depends on the severity of the pandemic, depending on the district.

“If during the summer it is evident that the school will open in the fall on a modified schedule or with pandemic protocols in place, and / or if vaccines are not widely available, additional windows will be made available to parents to select the virtual program. Said a statement from GCS.

The school district has changed some aspects of the virtual program, according to a statement from GCS. This includes increased attendance when students will be required to attend certain scheduled times. Parents will also be able to request a back to school brick and mortar, preferably, notes the district, at the end of a nine-week grading period. Finally, the students in the program will be scheduled by class rather than by school.

Programs like the Charles Townes Center, language immersion, preschool programming and intensive special education cannot be offered virtually.

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