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Positive Puppy Expert Launches New Dog Training Business After Locking Bulb Moment


Ali Smith, a multi-award-winning professional dog trainer, has helped train over 1,200 dogs. And now she’s started a new online puppy training business.

The concept was born out of a locking bulb moment, and in April of this year Ali put all of his training into practice and set up Re-debarkable.

His online guide provides puppy training directly to puppy parents ‘inboxes for the first 52 weeks of their dogs’ lives.

Ali tells them exactly what to feed, teach and do with their precious puppies – so they don’t have to think or worry.

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To understand the brains behind the business, TeamDogs spoke with Positive Puppy expert Ali Smith, 32, of Basildon, Essex.

The Positive Puppy Expert has launched a new online puppy training business

“I’ve always been passionate about helping new puppy parents get it right from the start,” Ali said.

“Before, I was a dog walker, then I studied to become a dog trainer. I had a soft spot for dogs that were mislabeled as “scary” – I prefer to call them cranky.

“I have worked with parents of cranky dogs to help them deal with their problems using positive reinforcement.

“It made me proud and relieved that dogs don’t end up in shelters or rescue centers like many poorly trained dogs do.”

Saving the grumpy dogs from being repatriated was the motivation behind Rebarkable.

“I just really wanted to teach dog owners how to properly educate their puppies from an early age,” Ali said.

In confinement, Ali’s mission began. She researched and mapped out all the studies she could find to plan a dog’s first year of life. And she’s used her own dog training experience with over 1,200 dogs – including her own puppies, the German Shepherd cross Indie, and the coonhounds, Lucy and Shelby.

“Then I turned it into a series of weekly emails – or Pupdates, as I like to call them,” she said.

“I wanted this to be more than just a six week course that teaches you how to sit your puppy, do a really basic recall and walk well on a leash. I wanted to guide the puppy parents through the first year, ”Ali said.

Indie the German Shepherd's Cross inspired by Rebarkable
Indie the German Shepherd’s Cross inspired by Rebarkable

Ali’s Puppy Training Guide covers the eight phases of puppy development from week 1 to week 52, including the most recent tips on toys, equipment, and even veterinary advice.

“I made all the information more digestible,” Ali said.

“When you first get a puppy it can be easy to panic without any advice. But now I have thought for you.

If you’re wondering how much sleep your puppy needs at 11 weeks, or how often you should walk your puppy at 30 weeks, Ali has the answers for you.

Ali divides her time between her home in Basildon, Essex, and her husband’s home in Maryland, USA – offering in-person training and online consultations alongside her Pupdates.

His Pupdates cost less than £ 20 a year – and for very good reason.

“I found that 86% of dog owners think dog training is not affordable. I took this as a massive sign that something was missing in the market and found a solution, ”Ali said.

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