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Penn State Health uses new training program to recruit paramedics

Life Lion’s in-house training program equips students with the ability to respond to realistic trauma and medical scenarios.

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — As EMS agencies continue to struggle to recruit new workers, Penn State Health Life Lion is using a new internal program to help train and hire the next generation of paramedics.

“There’s no shortage of 911 calls, so what we’re really working on is bolstering our ranks to stay ahead of the game,” said Scott Buchle, director of Penn State Health. LifeLion.

“I grew up in the fire department and love taking care of people, so I took my fire department one step further and wanted to be a paramedic,” Megan Imler said.

Imler is one of 14 EMT apprentices who spent Monday at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center, responding to real-time medical and trauma scenarios.

“Learning from a book is good, but in fact [being] practice, [that] helps me more often,” Imler explained.

Life Lion launched the training program late last year in an effort to train more first responders as agencies continue to struggle with recruitment.

“People have to understand that if you call an ambulance, there will be an ambulance coming to your rescue – but that’s getting harder and harder,” Buchle said.

The program allows students to enjoy the benefits of a Penn State Health education, helping them move into other health care positions if they choose.

“You can definitely see the impact of low health care workforces and struggling with shifts and working a lot and things like that, but ultimately if these people are really committed to this work, they will stick to it.” said another student, Drake Peugh.

This class is the second to follow the 10-week diet, bringing them one step closer to saving real lives in the community.

“At the end of the day, when I realize that I’ve helped someone, I feel good inside and that’s what I love about this job,” Imler said.

Anyone interested in participating in the Life Lion program can learn more here.

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