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Panchkula: trainee tested positive, training activities stopped at Tau Devi Lal sports complex


More than 45 days after training activities resumed at Tau Devi Lal sports complex, sector 3, the training and training of players at the sports complex was halted on Friday after one of the trainees tested positive for coronavirus Start of the week.

The trainee, who is assigned to the Panchkula District Health Service and is a para-taekwondo player, came to the training hall on July 9.

After his report turned positive earlier this week, the Haryana Sports Department halted all activities at the sports complex and closed the training halls.

“Yes, we have closed the Tau Devi Lal sports complex since one of the taekwondo trainees tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this week. The trainee had attended the training session last week and when his report turned positive we decided to close the training rooms and stop the training activities. For 40-50 days, we have been following the SOPs for training and the players have also been made aware. Unfortunately, one of the interns tested positive. Training will resume after the disinfection process and other requirements, ”said SS Phulia, director of the Haryana Sports and Youth Department.

Earlier in May, the Haryana Sports and Youth Department issued 14-point guidelines for resuming training activities at more than 80 stadiums and sports complexes in the state’s 22 districts. With guidelines such as bringing your own equipment, mandatory scouting of players, strength of batches of eight to ten players and one group at a time from training, training at the Tau Devi Lal sports complex had begun. the first week of June. The sports complex offers training in disciplines such as athletics, badminton, judo, basketball, taekwondo and other sports. After the intern’s report turned positive earlier this week, the taekwondo coach submitted the report to the district sports manager on Thursday and the department closed the sports complex on Friday. “We have asked all athletic coaches to submit a weekly report to us, in addition to informing us of any reports from a trainee or coach who tested positive. After the coach submitted the report, we closed the sports complex today. We have written to the district administration about the disinfection of the complex and other formalities. We also held regular sessions with the players to update them every week, ”said N Satyan, District Sports Manager, Panchkula.

While none of the other trainees were tested, the taekwondo and boxing coaches were tested earlier this week and their reports turned negative.

“One of our trainees, who works with the Panchkula health service, had come into contact with a previous positive case. He came to train on July 9 and gave his sample afterwards. Once his test report turned positive, he informed us and I briefed the other officials. We trained players according to the SOP and its guidelines and maintained social distancing, ”said 29-year-old taekwondo coach Harjinder Singh.

More than 150 trainees have been trained at the complex. Track and field coach Naseem Ahmed, who coached the 2018 Asian Games and CWG champion javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, believes players need to be more aware.

“Training is essential for international and national level athletes and everyone understands that we need to treat this pandemic as serious business. Sports department officials and coaches educate players about the precautions (which they must take every day). Most players don’t stay in a hostel without such a facility here and can come into contact with an infected person outside of the complex, ”Ahmed said.


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