Dog training

Opening of the Zoom Room dog training studio on the north side of Ankeny

An Ankeny couple have channeled their love for dogs into a new business that promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

In June, Jonathan and Sally Scroggs opened a Zoom Room dog training studio at 1875 N. Ankeny Blvd. The Scroggs have lived in Ankeny since the early 2000s and have been involved in the community through sports and volunteering.

They are also passionate about their 2.5-year-old labradoodle with a beard named Murphy, and were looking for something outside of their previous professional careers: Sally in accounting and Jonathan in business analysis. They did some research and found Zoom Room, the dog training franchise, which has another location in the West Des Moines area.

“He ticked all the boxes,” Sally said.

The Zoom room offers group lessons and private training for dogs in obedience, agility and social skills. The focus is on positive reinforcement, with owners handing out plenty of treats as they work with their dogs. There are also events like dog discos and rooms to book dog parties. The Scroggs are also working on an event with a local brewery.

The Scroggs say they hope to provide owners with an opportunity to build positive relationships with their dogs while doing interesting things — and even reaching some milestones.

Even people without dogs are welcome to come watch.

Jonathan said what makes Zoom Room different is that it offers a more flexible schedule and does not operate on a semester system. People come when they can, but there are always skill-based degrees that the dogs and their owners develop.

The Zoom room also sells toys, treats, and training gear, and has a “dead bar” with chewable animal parts for dogs.

The Scroggs say they have already seen dogs make great strides in recent weeks.

The Scroggs family live on the north side of Ankeny, where the Zoom Room is located, and their children are also involved in the business.

“It’s a huge challenge,” Jonathan said. “It’s fun to build something that belongs to us.”

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