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Online dog training website publishes free dog training newsletter


The Happy Pack is offered as a free dog training newsletter for parents of puppies. In times of social distancing, these online services are a welcome help in dog training.

Happy Dogs 101 and Derek Smith are pleased to announce the release of their dog training online newsletter, The Happy Pack. The newsletter will be published three to four times per month and is free for subscribers. Advice and training suggestions are the focus of the newsletter. Derek has the knowledge and experience to help others, looking for ways to adopt the behavior and habits of canine companions. The methods are not complicated, as Derek believes that most behavior problems can be corrected with just a few techniques.

The Happy Dogs 101 website offers a wealth of information about dogs and their behavior. Some of the categories include dog breeds and their interaction with humans. This type of information affects how training techniques work when applied to a specific breed. Other breed information includes size, care needs, socialization, bark level, and exercise requirements. This information is useful when selecting a new dog to join the household.

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Derek got into dog training because of his daughter’s interest in dogs. He credits his daughter with an even greater knowledge of dogs than his own and has spent a lot of time learning all that is possible about dog behavior, training and characteristics. He learned which coaching tips and techniques worked best for him. Now he shares this information with anyone who signs up for the newsletter. Derek recognizes that a dog that has been properly trained is happier, and owners appreciate obedient behavior as well.

In addition to helpful dog training tips, the newsletter offers a way to expand community access to other friendly dog ​​lovers on social media platforms. As per the title of the newsletter, the post includes images and funny quotes to make subscribers smile and laugh.

About the Site:

Happy Dogs 101 is a website dedicated to training and entertaining canine companions. Online dog training is one aspect of the services provided by the site. The newsletter published by the site allows subscribers to connect to social networks and laugh a little at the humor published.

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