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Odisha CM inaugurates the “Rakshak” road safety training program; 30,000 first responders to be trained


Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today launched an innovative road safety program “Rakshak” at the Lok Seva Bhavan Convention Center.

The “Rakshak” program, organized by the State Department of Transportation, will train 30,000 first responders. The 300 interns will be trained for 30 weeks in 30 districts of the state. Chief Minister Patnaik hopes this will provide immediate assistance and treatment to road accident victims and save many lives.

Addressing the assembly, the Chief Minister said that road accidents are not just the loss of a person or a family. It is the loss of society. “So we all have to work together to avoid road accidents,” he said.

The Chief Minister recalled that the responsibility of drivers is the same as that of road users. In addition, other people present at the scene of the accident also have special responsibilities. “So with a little help, many lives can be saved and many families can be saved from misery,” said Naveen.

Emphasizing the training system, the Chief Minister said that “you are all good Samaritans. The first hour of the accident is the most important. If accident victims get prompt medical care in the golden hours, we can save a lot of lives, ”said CM of Odisha.

The state government has set up a fund of Rs 147 crore to treat accident victims and arrangements have been made to reward the Good Samaritans with Rs 2000 to help these victims.

The Chief Minister called on the people to cooperate with the state government in this effort to prevent traffic accidents and save precious lives.

The Chief Minister commended the efforts of various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to provide immediate assistance to accident victims and raise awareness of road safety. Patnaik hoped that their efforts would be successful and that the number of accident deaths could be reduced.

CM Naveen Patnaik thanked the Department of Transportation for organizing the training program and said it was the first such program at the state level. “Once the training program is over, there will be a lot of improvements in road safety,” he said. The Chief Minister thanked the various volunteers, the Red Cross and other organizations who participated in the event and requested their cooperation in saving lives.

During the event, the Chief Minister unveiled the logo of the “Rakshak” training program and launched its “OPTICS” website. Kits and T-shirts were also distributed to first responders who attended the training.

During the ceremony, Minister of Trade and Transport Padmanabha Behera highlighted the various measures taken by the state government to prevent road accidents.


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