Virtual program

New virtual MB Ag Days program launches this week

Manitoba Farm Days may be rescheduled, but Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba is able to continue its Farm Days programming through a new virtual program for Grade 7 students. The program, which was scheduled to launch with the start of Manitoba Ag Days 2022 (postponed due to COVID restrictions), is now available to Manitoba teachers.

“With funding from Manitoba Ag Days, Viterra and the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, we’ve created a fully co-ed program that can take place in the classroom or at home, anywhere in the province,” said Sue Clayton, Director general of the AITC-M. “Nothing can replace the value of the hands-on, in-person programming that we normally do at Farm Days, but we see this as a fabulous opportunity to develop something that we can use year after year and achieve even more students across the province who wouldn’t. Normally I don’t get the chance to go to Brandon for the program in person.

The new program, which currently has 925 students enrolled, includes:

  • Think Global – Agriculture & Our World – a fun learning experience that teaches students about food security, population and land distribution, Canada’s connection to the world through agricultural trade, and more
  • Act Local – Agriculture & Manitoba – a video that introduces students to the depths of the agriculture industry in Manitoba with a focus on the variety of agricultural careers available to your students, regardless of their skills or interests
  • Plus, other classroom resources to help teachers deliver the virtual experience in the classroom or with students learning from home.

AITC-M’s usual MB Ag Days adventure is a program designed to help grade 7 and 8 students think globally and act locally about agriculture, food security and agricultural careers. Students learn about global food production and the import/export of agricultural products in Canada. They then embark on a scavenger hunt at the Keystone Center in Brandon to explore agricultural careers and the importance of local industry.

“At the end of the day, the most important thing is that we teach agriculture to students,” Clayton said. “We are optimistic about returning to Brandon next year for Farm Days. And the real benefit is that students across the province can now participate in the MB Ag Days program year after year thanks to the development of this virtual offering.