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New construction training program offered to residents with disabilities

The Kopar administration is working to provide residents with disabilities with more career opportunities through its new construction training program.

Applications for the new free 4-week vocational training program focusing on carpentry and construction skills are now available for residents with disabilities.

Ken Newell, director of operations at Kopar Administration, said attendees will be working on several different projects.

“We’re going to help people with self-reported disabilities, help them with some carpentry skills, what they’ll do is they’ll build things like planters, birdhouses, bat houses, Adirondak chairs, unlikely and ends to help them learn skills, ”he explained.

Program participants will be instructed on the safe use of all equipment and tools.

Newell says this program will also provide employers with the opportunity to hire residents they may not have previously considered.

“The construction industry is booming especially here in the North right now and I know there are a number of organizations looking for individuals and this could be an untapped good market to which they might not have thought about it before or that individuals might not have had. any exposure to that, ”Newell explained.

Program participants will also receive their own PPE (hard hat, hi-vis vest, steel-toed boots, etc.) and some necessary personal tools that they can take with them after the program ends.

According to Newell, the sessions will have a limited number of spaces available to accommodate each individual, maintain a safe space due to health restrictions, and ensure that each individual has extensive hands-on experience with each piece of equipment.

“At the end of the 4 weeks, we will work with each individual to help them find a job. Employers who hire our participants may be eligible for a wage subsidy for up to 8 weeks. This wage subsidy will cover $ 15.20 / hr for employers, any salary over $ 15.20 / hr is the employer’s responsibility as well as mandatory employer-related costs, ”Newell added.

The program will run daily from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and the exact hours worked will depend on the needs and ability of each individual.

It is funded by the Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities of the Government of Canada.

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