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Momentum K9 Dog Training offers great obedience and behavior change training in Boise, ID

Boise, ID- Each dog and its owner are unique individuals. Therefore, they require a wide range of customized training methodologies to meet each client’s needs. Momentum K9 Dog Training is a certified dog trainer that has a system of training techniques that shape dogs into healthy, happy pets. They strive to provide high quality dog ​​training solutions using modern scientific methods that facilitate clear communication between dogs and their owners.

Momentum K9 Dog Training uses positive reinforcements to train and modify dog ​​behavior. The most important part of positive reinforcement is removing the stress from dog training and identifying opportunities to praise the dog, which helps achieve the desired outcome. These trainers avoid coercion and use the most natural and enjoyable way possible. Success in their positive training programs comes from small steps that lead to greater success, and the dogs are rewarded for every small victory along the way.

The Momentum K9 Dog Training programs are divided into three phases, namely, Board and Train, Private Training and Puppy Training. These training programs are meant to build dogs’ confidence as they progress through the stages. Their highly trained professional trainers have years of experience using these programs effectively to teach dogs proper behavior based on the owner’s lifestyle and dog’s personality.

Momentum K9 Dog Training specializes in puppy training, boarding and training, and private dog training. In addition to addressing behavioral issues, puppy training aims to develop skills that build a dog’s confidence, such as obedience, loose leash walking, and crate training, allowing dogs to remain calm. in all situations and to trust their masters at all times. Board and Train programs aim to establish a foundation of obedience and modify dog ​​behaviors. They are trained in a controlled environment so their expert trainers can focus their full attention on training the dog. On the other hand, private dog training is highly personalized and personalized in order to give dogs the required attention during training. Private training is more productive because dogs feel more comfortable at home and trainers are able to interact with dogs in their environment, which puts them in a better position to address behavioral issues.

Momentum K9 Dog Training offers dog owners a rare opportunity to train their dogs with the same methods as police officers, but with more fun. By doing this, dogs will always be happy and behave appropriately in different situations, leaving a positive impact on the lives of their owners.

For more information on dog training or a free phone consultation, contact Momentum K9 Dog Training by phone at 208-789-4917. They are located at 700 S Scott Street, Boise, Idaho, 83705, USA. Check Momentum K9 Dog Training for more information on the services they offer.

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