Training program

Mom created the ‘Husbands in Training’ program so her sons could learn to be great partners

Parents teach their kids a lot: how to share with others, how to ride a bike, and if you’re lucky, they might even share their secret family recipe with you. But how to be a good partner? This is a subject that is not usually at the forefront of parental guidelines. Yet Doug Weaver’s mother has done just that, with her multi-year “Husbands in Training” program.

Doug, now an adult and married, recounts the details of his mother’s program in his viral TikTok video, where he shares exactly what he learned in that course…and how well it worked.

The training covered everything from chivalry to etiquette, consent and even pornography – specifically, ethics in the porn industry. The latter, something most teenagers might struggle to discuss with anyone, let alone their mother. But it’s an important conversation nonetheless, and one that, in the Weaver household, was accompanied by quizzes. Yes, he said quizzes, and Doug has once, not jokingly, threatened to resurface one of them from the depths of his laptop.


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While respecting and honoring women was at the forefront of the lessons, Doug’s mother also touched on other topics such as: listening, how to handle a situation where your partner is wrong and how to bring them up in public. with a grievance over in private. In his video, Doug summarizes the lessons as: “all the things that really make you a decent human being.”

Which is apparently not as obvious as some might think! Because once Doug got to high school, Doug’s dad “realized that a lot of things [his sons] learned from [their] mom, were things he never learned growing up. So he decided he wanted to take ‘Husbands in Training’ too,” and as Doug says, they all learned, “to be better men in [their] mom.”

If you’re wondering if there was an end to the training, or if it just went on forever, you’ll be happy to know that there was a high enrollment rate. On each of her son’s wedding days, Doug’s mother presented the groom with a signed certificate notifying them that they had officially completed the program. They were no longer in training, they were now husbands – and ready for work.

But looking back, what does Doug really think of this multi-year program? Well, it received mixed reviews. While Doug thinks there are parts of Husbands in Training that “should never see the light of day” (like the porn quiz so detailed), he revealed that other parts will be revived for his own Husbands course. in Training which he hopes to complete with his son.

As for the rest of us, we’ll have to keep waiting for one of the Weaver boys to share his notes.