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Matthew Aldrich participated in the Showrunner training program – NarniaWeb


The Writers Guild of America, a labor organization that represents television and film writers in the United States, hosts a Showrunner training program each year. According to the program’s alumni list on the WGA website, Matthew Aldrich (“Creative Architect” for Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of Chronicles of Narnia) is an alumnus of the program.

The WGA Showrunner training program is “designed to help high-level writer-producers and newer creators develop the skills necessary to become successful showrunners in today’s television landscape.” Other well-known projects from SRT alumni include the upcoming TV series Dragon house on HBO and Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney +.

The training program does not appear to be aimed at those looking for new skills to enable a career change, but rather high-profile screenwriters who are already hired to oversee a future or existing TV series. To be able to participate in the training program, applicants must be:

Active WGAW or WGAE members in good standing with “supervising producer” or higher credit on a current television series, drama (comedy or drama) and / or pilot script, pilot or series currently configured on a network, cable channel, or streaming service.

Internet records indicate that Matthew Aldrich’s name was added to the alumni roster at some point after July 2020, suggesting he is a recent participant in the program.


Does that mean Netflix will launch its adaptation of Chronicles of Narnia with a television series? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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