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Master of Puppies is a true dog training company


The world just got a little brighter – we just found out that Puppy master is a genuine dog training company that exists in Australia.

A fan of Metallica on Reddit posted a photo of a Volkswagen with company ads on it. “Master of Puppies Dog Training” is the full name of the brand, and yes, underneath it says “obey your master”. Of course, we then took it upon ourselves to investigate and make sure it wasn’t fluke as it really sounded too good to be true.

Some of you dog owners may have lucked out with a very easy to train puppy, but like the rest of you, you know where we’re going with this. Sometimes it’s just necessary to bring in the pros, and Master of Puppies claims they are the best dog obedience trainers on the Gold Coast, Australia.

“The Master Of Puppies training takes a positive approach, so that each session provides an exceptional result and experience for our clients and their best friends. Our training and rehabilitation methods teach dogs how to follow directions and have good manners, even when things happen to distract them. “, we read on their website.

“Each Master of Puppies trainer is trained by or is a former Australian Special Forces military working dog handler and lifelong dog lover.”

The company offers a variety of services including dog and puppy training camps which are group training options, private puppy and dog training and dog day care on a 5 acre farm.

So if you need help with your dog you should contact these guys. Contact them here, and see some photos below.

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