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Lyco Economics Student Receives Scholarship for Summer Training Program | News, Sports, Jobs

Rafael Lubiano Rodriguez ’23 of Houston, a Quantitative Economics student at Lycoming College, has received a full scholarship to attend the American Economics Association (AEA) Summer Program at Howard University, according to a press release. The program is designed to help underrepresented groups develop technical skills in the field of economics as they prepare for higher education or employment as professional economists.

The AEA Summer and Fellowship Program strives to increase diversity in the field of economics by equipping undergraduate students with skills and connections in preparation for doctoral studies. According to the website, up to 20% of doctorates awarded to minorities in economics over the past 20 years are from program graduates. Students accepted into the program attend four classes, participate in seminars, and go on educational field trips to places such as Washington, DC and the Federal Reserve Board, as well as other famous landmarks and museums.

Rodriguez learned about the opportunity from his advisor, Elizabeth Moorhouse, Ph.D., department chair and associate professor of economics at Lycoming College. “Raf is an ideal candidate for the AEA summer program. He is a terrific student with an interest in economic inequality and has the potential to make significant contributions to our understanding of economic outcomes for the less privileged in our society,” she said in a press release.

The program offers two levels, Foundations and Advanced, to better individualize the program based on the student’s background. As part of the Foundations level, Rodriguez will be placed with a think tank, nonprofit organization, or government agency to gain research experience. In addition to making valuable connections, students involved in the Foundations level additionally receive a stipend of $3,250.

After graduating from Lycoming College, Rodriguez hopes to continue her higher education and study how to help underprivileged children. “There is not a lot of money our government is willing to spend on helping disadvantaged communities,” Rodríguez said. “I want to make sure that the little money that is allocated to help people is put to good use.”

Lycoming College’s Economics Department helps students examine important questions at the heart of modern, real-life economic debates and use theoretical models and facts to carefully analyze and answer these questions. More information about studying economics at Lycoming is available at

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