Virtual program

Local nurse launches virtual program for pregnant women

Marsha Roett, local resident and registered nurse, has launched a virtual program for pregnant women, supports and caregivers to help them through the pre and postnatal stages

Prenatal and postpartum counseling is invaluable to new mums, and whether they are looking for advice or support, the local Nurse on Fire program is available to help.

The program is led by Marsha Roett, Registered Nurse and Barrie resident. She has worked primarily in labor and delivery wards and obstetrician offices since 2007, when she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from York University in Toronto, Ontario.

For new moms struggling to navigate the emotional roller coaster during the journey of pregnancy and postpartum recovery, Roett said it’s not uncommon to deal with ongoing mental health issues. of road.

“Mental health during pregnancy is a topic that doesn’t get talked about often, but it’s very important,” Roett said.

While most moms-to-be need help gaining confidence, some are unaware of the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders associated with the prenatal and postnatal stages.

“Sharing my knowledge and experiences to help prepare families for the birth of their child brings me joy, and I’m happy to be there for them.”

Nurse on Fire classes aim to provide pregnant women with a safe space to ask questions about everything from doctor’s appointments to signs of labor and pain management options, to postpartum care.

Roett said she started her entrepreneurial journey after having the opportunity to help a local doctor with online Zoom prenatal classes during the pandemic.

“Once the program was over, I decided to start my own online Zoom prenatal classes because this service is still needed,” she said.

Classes are also a way to help families know what to bring to the hospital and what the birthing process is like.

“A single mother, a couple or a support person, everyone is welcome to attend the classes. We provide great insight for anyone giving birth in hospital and what your support person can do before, during and after the baby is born,” she said.

Roett noted that family support is key to improving health outcomes for mothers and babies.

“I feel like when families know what to expect when they have a baby, postpartum care and life with a new baby at home, they are less nervous about the baby’s arrival. “, she said. “This 90-minute group Zoom session will give mums and their support person a behind-the-scenes look at pregnancy, labor and delivery in the hospital.

Roett said she launched fully virtual classes to allow people to take advantage of the class from the comfort of their homes. In the future, however, she hopes to expand to offer virtual and in-person classes.

As the Canadian Collaborative for Perinatal Mental Health (CCPHMH) hosts its first national walkathon on World Maternal Mental Health Day on May 4, Roett stressed the importance of increased support to address the mental health during pregnancy.

“Donations raised will go to local nonprofits, registered charities, perinatal mental health training scholarships for health practitioners and Flora’s baby, Amber.

The march is named after Flora Babakhani, a Canadian mother who tragically lost her life to postpartum psychosis on January 14, 2022.

To find out more about the courses, go here.