Training program

Launch of a new vocational training program for the Peterborough region

A new program to help workers in the Peterborough area find training to pursue better-paying job opportunities was launched by officials on Tuesday.

The Ontario government is providing funding of $2,714,847 over 12 months to the Peterborough and Kawarthas Economic Development Agency to develop and administer the new Pathways to Prosperity program, which aims to provide training for people who want to take up jobs in demand and better paid in the city and department.

“It’s something that came to fruition through ingenuity, entrepreneurship and a desire to be able to do more, to do better for our community and to put our community in a better position,” said said Dave Smith, MPP for Peterborough-Kawartha.

It is expected that around 50 employers will participate in the program, employing people and providing opportunities in certain fields.

Over the next year, the Pathways to Prosperity program will focus on developing the region’s workforce, providing unemployed and precarious workers with opportunities in the manufacturing, construction and construction industries. agriculture, as well as in the catering and catering industries.

Pathway to Prosperity is based on three pillars:

  • Pre-employment support: preparation, participant support, orientation to training, long-term retention support, including any mental health support.
  • Job Seeker Training: 15 cohorts of job seekers will receive comprehensive training designed for four sectors: line cook, manufacturing, agriculture and construction.

  • Business Recruitment: Recruit 50 or more local businesses to participate and offer internships to job seekers upon completion of their training.

Smith said it will provide the creation of career paths to help many underemployed or unemployed people in the community obtain better employment and provide the skills needed to help them move beyond entry-level positions.

Many community partners will be involved in training and acquiring employees and helping them achieve their goals, said Rhonda Keenan, president and CEO of Peterborough and Kawarthas Economic Development.

“It involves Fleming College as the delivery agent of our training,” she said.

“He works with Muskoka-Kawarthas as an employment hub (run by Fleming College). He works with the City of Kawartha Lakes Economic Development and, of course, with the Workforce Development Commission.

Employers who participate in the program will be able to recruit employees with the necessary skills.

“The Workforce Development Board is going to create career paths to show how an entry-level job can lift you up and take you through different streams to be able to find your dream job,” Keenan said.

Job wages will be subsidized for up to five weeks to help employers and employees find the perfect fit for each other, she said.

“They want to test to see if it’s a good fit for the company, and also if this company is a good fit for the job seeker,” Keenan said.