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Karni Singh shooting range trainer in Delhi tests positive; training will continue


A shooting trainer at Dr Karni Singh shooting range in Delhi has tested positive for Covid-19, but the development will not force the facility to close, where the Olympic base group is expected to start training from the 1st of August.

The Sports Authority of India said in a press release that the coach informed them of her test result on Thursday, but since she had not made contact with any of the shooters, the facility will remain open for training.

The Karni Singh range was reopened for use on July 8.

“The coach had only visited the administrative department of the center on July 24, 2020. She did not visit the playing field or interact with an athlete training at the center,” the ISC said.

“All actions according to protocol have been taken. The center has been disinfected and the training of shooters will not be affected, ”he added.

The Indian Olympic base group of 32 shooters are also expected to resume training on August 1 at the shooting range after the National Rifles Association of India made attendance mandatory.

A total of 15 Indian shooters have qualified for the Olympics, postponed until next year due to the pandemic.

The NRAI has appointed high performance director and former Indian shooter Ronak Pandit as the nodal officer in charge of the overall coordination of the camp’s hygiene and medical protocols.


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