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K9 Answers Dog Training Rated One of the Best Dog Trainers of 2021

Reseda, California – K9 Answers Dog Training was named one of the best dog trainers of 2021. This is after the company received 5 star reviews from happy customers, which it still does to this day. One of the comments noted, “Highly recommended! I was hesitant to send my baby for three weeks, but I’m so happy. K9 Answers managed to take him to the next level of obedience and helped build my confidence walking and meeting other dogs. Thanks, K9 Answers.

K9 Answers Dog Training attributes this success to their provision of well-planned and efficient programs, which cover puppy training and private training. These programs are designed to promote obedience and condition them to behave well.

Unwanted behaviors addressed in dog training programs include unnecessary barking and jumping and leash pulling during walks. They also put an end to biting, nipping and aggression and treat hyperactivity, noise sensitivity and phobias. Along with getting their dogs to listen and obey, pet owners will also benefit from increased confidence in their dogs.

The Board and Train program involves the dog being housed at the K9 Answers Dog Training home, exposed to two to three training sessions per day, and allowed to socialize with other dogs. Later, the pets are taken for walks to local parks, stores or hikes. This program is divided into a 3 week program, a 5 week program and an 8 week program.

On the other hand, private training is ideal for dog owners who prefer to be actively involved in the training process. This is very effective because the trainer focuses on a single subject and the training takes place in the same house. Trainers highly recommend their puppy training program, which consists of two to three lessons, as puppies are easier to train.

Gabriel Schotborgh, owner of K9 Answers Dog Training, has years of experience in the industry. He became interested in dog training as a teenager and attended the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, as well as apprenticed to skilled competitors. Maiah, Gabriel’s colleague, is exposed to patents in protective sports and competitive obedience. The duo offers their clients quality and professional dog training services with these skills.

The K9 Answers Dog Training rep said, “Having worked with hundreds of dogs over the years, we understand that each is unique and different. We have the knowledge and experience to effectively identify a dog’s problems or needs and provide you with the tools to communicate effectively with your pet.

Contact dog trainers by calling (323) 379-3093 to schedule a free phone consultation. Visit the K9 Answers Dog Training website to learn more about the services offered. The company is located at 18643 Strathern St, Reseda, CA, 91335, USA.

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