Dog training

How to make dog training easy! – Western weekend

If you’re looking for options that will help you train your dog faster and safer to keep you and your best friend happy, be sure to give PetSafe a try.

The PetSafe Training and Containment line is designed to help transition dogs from playful puppies to well-behaved doggy citizens.

PetSafe Brand Australia understands that a well-trained dog will not only be a better-behaved dog, but a better best friend overall, allowing pets and pet parents to cement their relationship.

The range of high quality training and containment systems offers a choice of communication methods from harnesses and halters to static, spray, vibration or ultrasonic remote trainers – all designed to support effective management behavioral issues and for faster training.

The PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer, for example, will help train your dog using a short, harmless, humane citrus-based spray from the collar.

With three training options (Tone, Vibration and Spray stimulation), it has a range of up to 300 yards and is perfect for training more timid and sensitive dogs.

The handheld remote puts you in control of behaviors and lets you correct only when needed, whether you’re taking a walk outside or working on commands at home, it’ll make training easier.

A wireless fence system is also an easy way to help train your dog in larger areas without fear of them running away.

The PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence System is an easy to install, compact and secure fence system to ensure your dog doesn’t wander off.

The wireless circular boundary allows you to install it anywhere and does not affect any other animals accessing your land.

However, the fence will work with more than one pet, just by adding additional collars to the system.

Bark Control is offering 15% off select training and containment products from PetSafe for the month of May, so don’t miss out!