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Houston-based nonprofit launches free suicide education and prevention training program

CARRY is a new program designed to educate the community to understand, recognize the warning signs and help people who are considering suicide. (Courtesy of Adobe Stock)

CARRY +, a new program offered by the faith-based nonprofit His Whole House, is a self-study program designed to educate the community to understand, recognize warning signs, and help those considering suicide.

“Suicide is preventable. People think, “Well, what can I do if someone has already chosen to end their life? “But it’s preventable as long as we can step in and have these difficult conversations or listen to someone who might be considering suicide,” said Claudia Ornelas, director of creative partnership. “There is hope for this person to choose life.”

Registration for the virtual program is now open and Ornelas said it will launch after January 1, once enough participants to form small groups register.

The suicide awareness and prevention program is offered in two parts. The first deals with how to interact with suicidal people and connect them to vital resources. Part 2 includes hands-on interactions and exercises that prepare participants to engage individuals after dealing with the issue of suicide. The total estimated time is 10 hours.

Ornelas said suicide was on the increase during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We see people having to just isolate themselves, be at home, maybe some have lost their jobs or loved ones, and so that really makes their own problems worse. There has been an increase in the number of people calling the suicide prevention hotline, seeking mental health resources, ”she said. “Our goal is really just to educate the public that this is something on the rise and that there are ways to learn and educate yourself about the signs and how to have those critical conversations. “

There is no cost to participate in the Bible-based program, which Ornelas says is aimed at people aged 18 and over, but minors have the option of participating with permission or in conjunction with a parent. .

Donations to support the program and other initiatives at His Whole House can be mailed to 13100 Wortham Center Drive, Ste. 300, Houston.