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Holocaust survivor from Ventnor to be interviewed during virtual Yom HaShoah program

Betty Grebenschikoff

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP – The Sara and Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center at the University of Stockton will host on the Yom HaShoah program for 2022: “Unto Every Person There Is A Name – Remembering the 6 million Jewish Victims of the Holocaust”.

The Yom HaShoah program will be hosted by Holocaust scholar and author Dr. Michael Berenbaum, who will feature and interview Holocaust survivor Betty Grebenschikoff of Ventnor.

The free one-hour program will be streamed live via Zoom from 7-8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 26.

Grebenschikoff will share his life story, including memories of Kristallnacht in Berlin, Germany on November 9-10, 1938 and an unexpected reunion with his childhood friend Ana Maria whose father was arrested during Kristallnacht, while both girls were 9 years old.

In May 1939, after Ana Maria’s father was released from a concentration camp, each family said goodbye because Betty’s family left for Shanghai, China. After World War II, Betty and Ana Maria wondered what had happened to each other. Betty always ended her interviews with students, educators and community members by saying, “If you ever see someone named Ana Maria, tell her I’m still looking for her.

During the Yom HaShoah program, Grebenschikoff, whose autobiography, “My Name Was Sara,” was widely read by Downbeach students, will include the new chapter in his life story, the reunion of Betty and Ana Maria in Florida last year.

For the Zoom link, please contact the Sara and Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center at the University of Stockton, 609-652-4699.

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