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Highway Construction Vocational Training Program Partners with Spillertown on the Playground | New

Students enrolled in John A Logan’s Highway Construction Careers Training Program work on a sidewalk outside the Spillertown Community Building.

SPILLERTOWN (WSIL) – The small community of Spillertown will soon have a new and improved playground behind its community building. City officials received a grant for playground equipment, but a partnership with John A Logan and their Highway Construction Careers Training Program allows the installation to be done for free.

The program is run by John A Logan, but the Illinois Department of Transportation funds the Highway Construction Career Training Program. It is construction rather than production, a hands-on program that gives students insight into their future careers.

“It gives me an idea of ​​what I’m actually going to do,” said HCCTP student Matisse Travis. “(It) gives me an idea for once that I’m out there instead of just jumping straight into things.”

Students can do a bit of everything: welding, electricity, construction. The Spillertown project allows them to frame and pour several sidewalks, operate machinery and possibly erect a playground. Student, Cynthia Jolly said she had physical limitations and had been discriminated against, but not in HTTPP.

“A lot of the time when they see someone with a limitation, they just scare them away,” Jolly said. “But these guys are here to get you in, and they’re here to get you a job in the near future. And that’s the most important thing, they really care about what’s going on.”

Coordinator Tim Simmons said this program is tailor-made for working in vocational, union-related programs to learn and apply the skills needed to get an entry level or better job associated with construction. of a highway. He said this hands-on approach gives students a distinct advantage.

“It gives them opportunities to join local unions that maybe they didn’t have before,” he said, “and anything we can do to help them is great.”

And Travis said working on community projects in the program, like this one, gives him a sense of accomplishment.

“It really warms my heart to know that we’re doing something good for the community. And the kids are going to have a blast,” Travis said.

The program has limited availability and certain criteria must be met to be accepted. But for those who do, the program is free. Registration is through John A Logan College.

The John A program partners with Shawnee Community College for its own HTTPP program. This program will be launched on Monday, September 19. The extension office will be located in Cario and will play an important role within the community.

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