Virtual program

Greenville County Schools Expand Virtual Program

Starting this fall, Greenville County Schools is expanding its virtual program to allow students in 5K through 12th grade to participate in full-time online instruction using school district-provided software and devices in the 2020-2021 school year . This program was previously only available to middle and high school students.

Participants in the virtual program will follow a daily schedule as they would at a physical school, during which they will receive face-to-face instruction via livestream and lessons via Google Classroom and other platforms. Using technology, students will be able to see and hear their teachers, ask questions, participate in class discussions and small group work, and hand in class work and tests without leaving home.

“GCS is committed to providing school choice options that meet the needs of our students and families,” said Burke Royster, Greenville County Schools Superintendent. “A virtual program is not only a good choice for families who remain concerned about the Covid-19 pandemicbut also for those who simply enjoy the benefits of learning from home, while having access to professional instructors and a challenging curriculum.

Additionally, families interested in enrolling students in the virtual program due to COVID-19 concerns or due to a temporary family situation will be able to return their children to traditional school at the end of the fall semester. Students will remain enrolled in their regular school and will be able to participate in extracurricular activities. High school students can also graduate from their home school.

The fall registration deadline for this program is August 1. Additional information about the virtual program, including registration procedures, will be available on July 6. For more information, email [email protected]