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Governor Gianforte and Commerce announce $ 10 million for new workforce training program


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HELENA, Mont. – Governor Greg Gianforte and the Montana Department of Commerce launched the Workforce Training Grants Program to provide $ 10 million to nonprofit and for-profit businesses in Montana for training based on the skills of new and existing employees.

“These grants will strengthen Montana’s workforce and equip Montana workers with the skills they need to succeed and prosper,” said Governor Gianforte. “These grants will help us fill skills gaps, create more well-paying jobs in Montana, and expand career opportunities for more Montanais.”

Director of Commerce Scott Osterman added: “These labor subsidies will help Montana businesses provide skills training for their employees while creating more well-paying jobs and economic growth. future for our communities across the state.

Eligible businesses can apply directly to the program and can receive up to $ 3,000 per eligible employee, with a maximum allowance of $ 210,000. Each eligible employee must be paid 170% or more of Montana’s current minimum wage, which is now $ 14.88 per hour.

For companies expanding their workforce, the program will offer an incentive of $ 500 for each new net position that meets one or more of the following hiring criteria:

  • A qualified disabled person; and or
  • Disabled veteran; and or
  • Native American (must provide tribal identification); and or
  • Participant in the post-release / pre-release center in an establishment; and or
  • Create a new job that pays at least $ 51,000 per year or $ 24.52 per hour.

The incentive would be greater than funding for training for an eligible activity and paid at the end of the contract period. The company must be able to prove that the new hire is qualified according to the above criteria and has received training.

The Workforce Training Grant program builds on Governor Gianforte’s success in expanding workforce development, a central part of his plan to return from Montana.

In April 2021, Governor Gianforte promulgated the Montana Trades Education Credit, or M-TEC. M-TEC provides $ 1 million per year in 50 percent credit to businesses for their employees to learn a trade. M-TEC will support up to 1,000 scholarships per year. Under the program, employers and employees can decide what training is best for the company and the employee. Representative Llew Jones (R-Conrad) sponsored House Bill 252, which creates M-TEC.

For more information on the Workforce Training Grants program, including program guidelines and applications, visit ARPA.MT.GOV/ECONOMIC.


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