Training program

Free training program helps parents and Maui residents change their communities

2019 File Photo: Courtesy of Hawaii Children’s Action Network/Hawaii Parent Leadership Training Institute.

Hawaiʻi Children’s Action Network is now accepting online applications for its free training program for Maui County residents who want the tools and knowledge to make positive changes in their communities.

The Hawaiʻi Parent Leadership Training Institute helps participants become strong and confident community leaders by developing their leadership, communication and advocacy skills. The 20-week program is the only one of its kind in the state. Through PLTI, participants identify issues that impact children and practice their new skills by carrying out hands-on projects in their own communities.

“Parents, caregivers and residents across the state know the challenges facing their neighborhoods, schools and communities,” said Deborah Zysman, executive director of the Hawaii Children’s Action Network. “Each year, we are so inspired by the participants who come out of PLTI and generate impactful solutions for their communities.”

Since 2015, PLTI has educated over 95 alumni on Oʻahu, Maui, Hawaiʻi Island and Kauaʻi. This year, in-person programs will be available on Maui and Oʻahu, as well as a virtual program available statewide, beginning in September 2022. All members of the community with a passion for child well-being are encouraged to learn more and to apply.

“It is so important that parents, caregivers and families can effectively use their voice and influence the laws, policies and systems that affect their children and their communities,” said Mele Andrade, Director of Engagement and the formation of HCAN families. “By increasing civic engagement, we can improve outcomes for Hawaii’s children and communities.”

PLTI is organized by the non-profit organization Hawaiʻi Children’s Action Network, which is dedicated to ensuring that all keiki are safe, healthy and ready to learn. The program is supported by local and national funders including the State of Hawaii Department of Health, City and County of Honolulu, Alliance for Early Success, Aloha United Way, Family Values ​​Work , Hawaiʻi Community Foundation, HT Hayashi Foundation, McInerny Foundation and Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation. The evidence-based program is provided by the National Parent Leadership Institute.