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First Responders Team Up to Bring Mass Casualty Training Program to Botetourt County

Botetourt County, Virginia. – This is a scenario that no first responder wants to happen, but all want to be prepared for: an emergency with a large number of casualties.

“Fortunately, these incidents are infrequent, but they certainly pose a high degree of risk, both to the public and to responders, and that’s why we spend a lot of time making sure we’re prepared,” Botetourt said. County Fire. & EMS Deputy Chief Jeff Powell.

Leaders from law enforcement and fire departments from across the country traveled to Botetourt County for the three-day intensive rescue task force training. Led by the National Tactical Officers Association, some of the training takes place in the classroom, the rest is hands-on.

“They have done scenarios before where they practice team movement, combining law enforcement movement with a tactical medical unit. This afternoon they’re going to be going into live scenarios,” Capt. Jeff Boone of the Botetourt County Sheriff’s Office said:

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Program participants receive certifications to train other personnel on how to respond during active violent incidents.

It is important that the Botetourt County Sheriff’s Office and Botetourt Fire & EMS both attend training like this so that in the event of an emergency, they know how to work together effectively.

“As we move forward with this program that we are implementing here in Botetourt, it is very important to know what firefighters and EMS are going to do and that they know what we are doing,” Boone said.

“We’ve made a lot of progress here in Botetourt County bringing Fire & EMS and the Sheriff’s Office together and it’s been a very successful relationship. This is how we save lives, and we do it together,” Powell added.

This is all part of being prepared to protect and provide assistance to the community if needed.

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