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First Lady Casey DeSantis announces new DCF training program for veterans and military spouses

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis spoke Wednesday morning at Eglin Air Force Base. Signage at the event read “Continue Mission.” DeSantis said the state asks veterans to register as “ICCs” or child protection investigators as an opportunity “to continue their service.”

The first lady also said the state is looking to give military spouses and former law enforcement officers the opportunity to work as ICCs.

The Continuing the Mission program seeks to recruit veterans, military spouses, and former police officers to work in Florida’s child welfare system.

“I’m thrilled there’s a new path for these heroes to ‘carry on the mission’ through rewarding career and mentorship opportunities protecting Florida’s children,” DeSantis said. “We not only help children across the state, but also help veterans and retired law enforcement personnel with their mental and emotional well-being who may feel like they have lost their sanity. be once they have left active duty or retired.”

According to the governor’s office, the partnership between the Florida Department of Children and Families and the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs “will identify candidates to serve as mentors for children in need, new case managers, and protective investigators.” from childhood “.

Shevaun Harris, secretary of DCF, said the child welfare system was “a rewarding but demanding career path” which made it a “challenge” to find and retain talent in the system. She said the initiative to provide opportunities for veterans and former law enforcement personnel, as well as military spouses, would allow for mentorship opportunities and help meet the needs of the state and provide “meaningful jobs” to Florida residents.

“We’re still in recruiting mode, but we’re going to expand it on an ongoing basis,” Harris said. She said there will also be expanded training programs in the future.

Those gathered to talk about the program encouraged veterans and former officers to consider participating in the program, saying the opportunity was a good way to use their skills and reduce barriers to entering new jobs after the war. end of their active service.

The first lady also encouraged registration.

“One of the great things they’ve done as well, talking to a lot of our veterans, they want to serve but sometimes they can’t do it full time,” DeSantis said. “We have been able to work so that we can work with their schedules. So if they want to do this part-time, we’ll take all the time you’ve done so you can continue to serve as you have. So with that, I say God bless you, thank you to our veterans, to our amazing law enforcement, to our military spouses, to our police spouses, for all that you have done to protect our state.

Responding to a question about the new Continue Mission, Harris said veterans and former law enforcement could go online to the DCF website to apply for jobs working with the department in CPI positions.

Recruiting events are scheduled for July and August throughout the state of Florida.