Dog training

Dog training reaches new heights thanks to Can Do Canines

The “flight to nowhere” allows prospective service animals to fly through the airport, through security and into a simulated aircraft at an airport training facility.

MINNEAPOLIS — Travelers to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport probably noticed a lot of dogs in the airport on Saturday morning.

The animals and their trainers were there to participate in a unique opportunity thanks to the Can Do Canines association.

It’s called a “flight to nowhere,” and it allows would-be service animals to fly through the airport, through security, and even get on a fake plane at a training facility in the airport.

Can Do Canine volunteers say this “real world” experience can’t be beat.

“It’s different from my living room or going to Target. There are so many different smells and people and equipment and you have to wait with security and things like that,” volunteer Karen Bradley said. . “It’s a great thing for them to partner with the airport.”

This special flight — which technically never takes off — is made possible by Delta and the Minneapolis Airport Commission.

Can Do Canine volunteers work with service dogs for six weeks to 22 months with the goal of socializing them, working on basic obedience and attending monthly training outings with Can Do staff. Do Canines.

The dog then returned to Can Do Canines for final training before being placed with a disabled client free of charge.

For more information on Can Do Canines, click here.

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