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Dog training is well suited to the new workforce model

Corporal Jeremy Wikner has served in many roles during his military career, but he is man’s best friend who holds a prominent place in his current journey.

Having had a varied career that has included deployments, solemn assignment and standby service in multiple SERCATs, Corporal Wikner now balances work at the Future Ready Workforce (FRW) Portfolio Management Office with his thriving dog training business. .

Through Ascension Dog Training, Corporal Wikner turns young puppies into highly skilled working dogs, selling them to state and federal government dog units.

It is a labor of love. Corporal Wikner said more than 1,000 hours of training are spent on each dog he works with.

“My first dog that I sold had over 1,550 one-on-one training sessions for all the skills he needed,” Corporal Wikner said.

“I keep every video and have over six terabytes of footage on hard drives on my desk.

“I remember an old army poster that said something like ‘someone, somewhere is training to be better than you. What are you doing?’

“I put in the work, the hours, the revisions after the training, the endless writing of notes, to be better.

Being better is a mindset that has guided Corporal Wikner throughout his career and continues to do so.

This took him to the Prime Minister and Cabinet Department in 2017, where he held positions in regional and personnel security, then to a role in the AHQ secretariat and now in the FRW portfolio.

“While I have used the Total Workforce System functionally to shape my career, on a deeper level, it gives me confidence that the Army recognizes the skills I have learned outside of the service,” said Mr. Corporal Wikner.

“Getting the Army Future Ready Workforce requires a significant shift in our thinking. This will not happen overnight, but gradually, over time.

The Future Ready Workforce portfolio is responsible for delivering the Army Transformation and Modernization program to 2028 and beyond.

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