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Competent boards of directors and SCERTIFY join forces to offer an ESG training program to members of the board of directors and professionals

Competent Boards and SCERTIFY have announced an exciting partnership to expand the world-renowned Competent Boards’ ESG certification and designation program.

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, December 2, 2021 / – SCERTIFY, a consulting brand of Athena, will offer one of the first courses in the ESG certification and designation program of the relevant boards of directors. Asia-Pacific to offer more options to directors, executives and specialists looking for environmental, social and governance (ESG) training. The company will facilitate four virtual cohorts in the Americas / EMEA and Asia / Pacific time zones starting March 1, 2022.

After the recent COP26 summit in Glasgow, ESG and climate crisis issues are high on the agenda for companies around the world. This innovative program will help board members, executives, investors and advisers tackle the enormous challenges posed by climate change.

The online executive programs offered by SCERTIFY will be fed by the executive network and learning materials from relevant boards. “We are delighted to have this innovative partnership with SCERTIFY in 2022 which will help us reach more board members,” said Helle Bank Jorgensen, CEO and Founder of Competent Boards. “Environmental, social and governance issues are high on the list of priorities for all boards of directors. This training will therefore help them make informed decisions. ”

Over 100 global experts and industry leaders will contribute to the program through interactive sessions, fireside discussions, case studies and more. Led by SCERTIFY and powered by competent councils, the certification and designation program for competent ESG councils will include 12 sessions:

1) New risks and expectations for boards of directors, managers and investors
2) Dealing with dilemmas and transforming risks into opportunities after the pandemic
3) Competent advice for the SDGs
4) Competent climate advice
5) Competent ESG advice
6) Human rights and environmental issues in the supply chain
7) Diversity, equity and inclusion in the boardroom and beyond
8) Fight against corruption, integrity and transparency
9) Responsible use of data, cybersecurity and digital skills
10) Taxation, investment and remuneration in an ESG-driven world
11) Engagement and disclosure of shareholders and stakeholders
12) The future of good corporate governance

Gwen Murphy, co-founder and CEO of SCERTIFY, is excited about this partnership. “We are delighted that the competent councils selected us for the collaboration,” she says. “SCERTIFY is thrilled with this opportunity to work with knowledgeable boards and educate business leaders on the most pressing social and environmental issues of our time. We are proud to help the relevant boards of directors to geographically expand to the Asia-Pacific region as part of our first program rollout.

The Spring 2022 Competent Board ESG Certification and Designation Program courses organized by SCERTIFY are currently open for enrollment.

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SCERTIFY offers consulting and digital solutions to integrate sustainability into organizations’ business strategies and operations. Through its AI-based, blockchain-independent solution, SCERTIFY enables verification of supply chain and operations data, helping companies automate transparency and insights for sustainability reporting, to define the company’s ESG strategy and secure ethical sourcing from the first to the last mile.

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