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Companion dog training course for children with autism now available on the SDTSI online portal


Dublin, Ireland, September 30, 2021 – ( – The lives of children with autism and other developmental disabilities can be difficult. Autism causes developmental disabilities that can lead to cognitive rigidity, restricted interests, social withdrawal, and anxiety. Additionally, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) typically have a short attention span and difficulty engaging in social life.

Companion dogs have been shown to be beneficial in many ways for children with autism. They can help them socialize with others, feel emotionally secure, and provide opportunities to engage in conversation.

Companion dogs can sense the emotions and change the mood of the people they are helping, so they can sense impending meltdowns and help reduce their severity or calm them down completely. With their calming presence, companion dogs make children with ASD feel more secure and are successful in reducing stress and preventing anxiety.

Through games and fun activities, they can help children with ASD with sensory stimulation and improve their communication skills, as children have to pronounce key words to interact with the dog.

The bond between child and dog gives the child the opportunity to experience friendship, cope with loneliness and become more confident.

For all these reasons, more and more families decide to have a companion dog, or to train their own dog to become one; to help their autistic child. Buying a service dog can be quite expensive, typically between $ 15,000 and $ 30,000, and waiting lists can be quite long; you might have to wait up to 2-3 years. Training your own pet dog is much faster, cheaper, and more fun.

International Assistance Dog Training School course-based – companion dog for children with autism The training costs $ 299 and includes 8 modules, covering everything you need to know about owning and training a companion dog, online one-on-one assistance from instructors, and certification of the dog as a companion dog.

All methods used in training are strength-free and based on positive reinforcement, this will make training a fun activity for both dog and owner and child; and will provide an additional opportunity to spend quality time with the family.

Now that the course is available online, people who need to train their dog to become a companion dog for their child with ASD can join the course from around the world and train at their own pace, depending on their needs. timetable.

Service Dog Training School International has also developed an SDTSI application, so that you can follow your training anytime, anywhere. Available for iOS and Android.

To learn more about Service Dog Training School International’s online training courses, visit the ServiceDogTrainingSchool website.


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