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College Student Runs Dog Training Business With Career Goals | Local News

Moxxie Fair is a student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls with a passion for dog training. She’s only a sophomore, but she already has her own dog training business and long-term goals.

Fair is a full-time college student. When she’s not doing her homework, she works with clients and trains their dogs.

Fair has been training dogs for four years. She started working with dogs when she was in eighth grade when her father bought her a German Shepherd puppy. After working with the pup, she trained her own service dog, a poodle mix named Meeko.

“I trained at a nationally recognized facility in Monticello, Minnesota with some of the best coaches,” Fair said. “There were a lot of ups and downs but I loved it.”

Meeko is a poodle mix. Fair trained Meeko herself. Submitted.

Fair developed a passion for dogs. Fair doesn’t have an official name for the business, but started taking on clients over the summer when she wasn’t in school. Since the start of the school year, the company has grown steadily. She has about 30 interested customers and eight paying customers since she started advertising for the company.

“Most of the sessions are individual. I focus on what the dog doesn’t know,” Fair said. “I want the dogs to enjoy training and get excited with their handler.”

Fair follows the acronym “LIMA” when training. LIMA means “least intrusive, least aversive”. The strategy uses effective tactics, including positive reinforcement.

Fair’s business works by offering personalized plans with specific goals. She works with all dogs except those that are “unpredictably aggressive”.

His passion for working with dogs has been rewarding. She said her favorite part of training is seeing the benefits of progress.

“Liaison and communication is the best part. Seeing the dog and his owner being happy is so rewarding. It can be frustrating for everyone, so seeing goals achieved is great,” she said.

As her love for dog training grows, Fair plans for her future. She plans to pursue a business degree with a minor in animal science. After graduating, she plans to attend CATCH Dog Training Academy in New Jersey.

“It’s one of the most well-known academies in the United States. I got accepted, just need to figure out the funding part,” Fair joked.

While attending CATCH Academy Fair, he plans to work towards becoming certified by the Council of Professional Dog Trainers Knowledge Access. Certification is one of the most difficult to obtain.

“For two of the requirements alone, you need 300 hours of training and a 400-question test. Only about 4,700 people have a certificate. I’m going to be one of those 4,700 people,” Fair said confidently.

After receiving her certification, Fair plans to use her degree to start a formal business. One of his long-term goals is to breed dogs and train them as service animals.

Anyone interested in requesting additional information about Fair’s training activities can contact Fair through their Facebook account.