Training program

Clearview pilots new teacher training program

“While teaching is a rewarding profession, its complexity is also increasing,” says Daram Van Oers, assistant superintendent at Clearview. “What we have learned in Alberta is that new teachers who leave the profession shortly after joining do so because of a perceived lack of support and difficulty feeling effective and competent in their work. This is unfortunate for teachers, but also for our students and our system. »

“We need the energy, ideas and enthusiasm that new teachers bring to our schools,” adds Van Oers. “We hope this pilot program will help us address these concerns and support teachers so they have all the tools they need for long-term success.”

“We’re excited to see this pilot project get started,” said Brenda MacDonald, Superintendent of Clearview. “Clearview’s group of teachers is rich in experience, wisdom and dedication. We want to do everything we can to continue to attract, retain and develop strong teachers, because quality teaching is what makes the biggest difference to student learning and success.

Officials say Jayson Lovell, former superintendent of the Wolf Creek School Division, and Van Oers lead the sessions for beginning teachers together. The next session is tentatively scheduled for April.