Virtual program

Calibrate’s virtual program leads to lasting weight loss

As 2021 draws to a close, many people are setting healthy goals for the new year, and many of those resolutions are sure to center around weight loss. From reducing the risk of diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke to improving emotional health, the impact of losing weight is clear.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many effective solutions for weight loss. People who have never struggled with their weight say “watch what you eat”. The implication: If you can’t shed the extra pounds, it looks like a lack of willpower. In fact, decades of clinical research show that dieting alone is simply an ineffective approach to weight loss. In fact, 95% of diets eventually fail. Yet the majority of services continue to use outdated and unsustainable approaches to weight loss that do not have a lasting effect.

Enter Calibrate – a metabolic health company on a mission to change the way the world processes weight. It offers members a modern medical solution for sustainable weight loss, centered on the understanding that addressing the underlying biology is necessary to significantly change the way bodies maintain excess weight.

What makes Calibrate different from other programs?

The Calibrate program is designed to lower your set point, which is the weight your body naturally settles to due to genetics, biology, and your environment. Through the Year-Long Metabolic Reset, you’ll learn how to influence your environment — the food you eat, how long you sleep and exercise, and how you deal with emotional triggers — to alter the way your biology reacts to it. By rewiring your metabolic system with the right tools and goals, you can lower your set point, improve your metabolic health, and achieve sustainable weight loss.

Unlike other programs, Calibrate incorporates several proven methods to lower your set point, including doctor-prescribed medication, 1:1 liability coaching, tracking, and an app-based 52-week program. This holistic approach combines decades of academic research and scientific know-how to provide members with an approach that promotes sustainable, long-term weight loss.

What results can Calibrate members expect?

More importantly, Calibrate has proven itself. The company designed its program to result in weight loss of at least 10% of a user’s starting weight, based on research showing that 10% weight loss is sufficient to improve all metabolic markers and inflammation, making it beneficial for long-term health. Although Calibrate is designed to cause weight loss of at least 10%, their early members recorded an average weight loss of 15%. Additionally, 93% of members say Calibrate is more effective than other programs they’ve tried. And these statistics are only beginning to scratch the surface; just explore the testimonials of members like Carolyn, Judy, and Dara to see just how life-changing the Calibrate Metabolic Reset can be.

Since Calibrate is rooted in evidence-based research, they offer all eligible members the Calibrate Results Guarantee. The Results Guarantee was informed by early Calibrate members who saw an average weight loss of 15% and signed on to the Calibrate pledge which includes taking medication as directed, following body care medical team and 1:1 accountability coaching, participate in tracking daily metrics and set weekly goals and read relevant content to prepare for coaching sessions. If you are eligible and do not see a minimum of 10% weight loss in one year on Calibrate’s one-year metabolic reset, the Calibrate Results Guarantee promises a refund of the program (minus the cost of valuation of $249).

What does a Calibrate membership look like?

Calibrate’s one-year metabolic reset program is entirely virtual, making it a more effective and accessible solution for most users. This equalization approach cannot be underestimated – prior to Calibrate, the combination of medication with intensive lifestyle intervention was only available in a few clinical and academic settings.

Calibrate’s one-year metabolic reset is $135 per month billed through Affirm or $1,620 billed once. Although Calibrate does not yet take insurance for membership fees, you can use your FSA or HSA funds to cover the cost of the program. Additionally, his team promises to work with new members to navigate their business/employer insurance to cover medications and labs. In fact, the company guarantees that prescriptions will be $25 or less per month with insurance, or your money back.

If other slimming solutions have let you down, don’t lose hope! Calibrate’s holistic approach can lead to long-lasting, holistic improvements in your overall health. Step into a new year of healthy living with confidence by signing up today.